Dufferin County

The townships of Melanchton and Mulmur belong to Dufferin county in Southern Ontario, Canada. Adjula, Mono, Luther, and Garafraxa also belong to this county. It's largest towns are Shelburne and Orangeville. The county was formed in the 1880s.

For the purposes of the 1871 census and for other censuses, the county was divided with Melancthon belonging to the Grey district and Mulmur belonging to the Simcoe district. Neighboring census townships were Osprey, Nottawasaga, and Sunnidale to the north; Tossorontino and Adjala to the east; Mono, Amaranth, and Luther to the south; and Proton and Artemesia to the west.

Southern Ontario

Dufferin county is in South Central Ontario, about 1.5 hours northwest of the city of Toronto. It is neighbored by the regions of Peel and Wellington to the south; Grey county to the west; and Simcoe county to the north and east.